UV Modification Machine

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      LBUV-906MD double-sided UV machine

      1.Equipment overview

      Mainly used for PCB printing drying or UV use before settling tin.

      2.Equipment specifications and main technical indicators

      Model structure: feed section length 200mm, first UV section 2100mm, discharge section 200mm, total length 2500mm, total width 1200mm.

      UV mode: 6 sets of 9KW lamp, 3 sets up and down each, effective luminous length 750mm, each lamp can be independently controlled.

      Lamp: Imported lamp 9KW UV lamp 6 UV lamps heating time 5min.

      Material: internal and external SS41# steel plate after anti-rust treatment electrostatic spraying 60# light sand color.

      Lamp life: the voltage fluctuation is within 5%, and each lighting is more than 4 hours, and the lamp is guaranteed to be used for more than 1000 hours.

      Reflector: Aluminum alloy reflector with new imported titanium-plated reflective aluminum sheet, high reflection efficiency and light.

      Energy requirements: 800mj/spcm(5m/min).

      Wavelength: 365nm

      Transmission system: motor (made) with gear reducer, sprocket, transmission network transmission, maximum transmission speed 8M/min, VR stepless speed regulation, LED digital speed display.

      Transmission net: adopt stainless steel polishing wheel+UPE wheel transmission.

      Control panel: man-machine +PLC control (detect no product inflow within 3 minutes, light source into standby state). Safety device: leakage circuit breaker, overtemperature prevention, transmission motor overload protection, exhaust motor overload protection, abnormal emergency switch, control line fuse, etc., in line with international safety standards.


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