Unveiling the Excellence of EI Lamination Manufacturing: A Journey Through Innovation and Precision

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      The world of electrical engineering is a fascinating one, where innovation and precision meet to create some of the most critical components in modern technology. One such component is the EI lamination, a cornerstone in the production of transformers and electric motors. At Jiangyin Tianxiang Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., we have been at the forefront of EI lamination manufacturing since our establishment in 1990. With a sprawling facility covering more than 35,000 square meters and a dedicated team of over 200 employees, we have honed our craft to deliver nothing but the best in EI lamination manufacturing.

      Our Commitment to Quality and Innovation:

      Our commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of our operation. With a workforce that includes 38 professional and technical personnel with bachelor's degrees or higher, as well as 6 engineers, we ensure that our EI lamination manufacturing process is guided by expertise and innovation. The introduction of state-of-the-art machinery, such as our range of stamping machines from 200T to 25T, has allowed us to maintain high-precision and high-speed production standards.

      The Machinery Behind Our Success:

      Our manufacturing prowess is backed by a comprehensive array of machinery. We operate over 60 high-precision and high-speed stamping machines, including closed gantry double points, C-type double points, and three-way guide pillar single points, among others. These machines, coupled with our 88 manual punching machines, enable us to cater to the production needs of EI laminations of any size, with a monthly heat treatment capacity of 600T.

      The Versatility of Our Products:

      Our product range is as diverse as it is comprehensive. We specialize in the production of various EI lamination types, including EI standard iron cores, UⅠ type iron cores, three-phase EI type iron cores, linear motor iron cores, sensor C iron cores, small household appliance stator and rotor iron cores, lamp ballast iron cores, TL type iron cores, vehicle ignition coil cores, reactor shear cores, EⅠ air gap inductor cores, inkjet printing micro cores, contactor pull-in cores, and industrial electrical protector lock cores. This versatility allows us to serve a wide range of industries, from household appliances to industrial electrical systems.

      Our Annual Production and Processing:

      The scale of our operations is impressive, with an average annual processing and production of over 30,000 tons. This figure is a testament to our ability to meet the demands of a growing market, providing high-quality EI laminations that are essential for the performance and reliability of various electrical devices.

      A Legacy of Excellence:

      Our journey in the EI lamination manufacturing industry spans over three decades. With more than 30 years of rich production experience, we have not only established ourselves as a professional manufacturer but also as a leader in innovation and quality. Our expertise is further enhanced by the establishment of an oblique-joint silicon steel processing production line two decades ago, which allows us to undertake various oblique-cut silicon steel processing and production operations.


      At Jiangyin Tianxiang Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., our dedication to excellence in EI lamination manufacturing is unwavering. We take pride in our ability to produce high-quality, precision-engineered EI laminations that meet the diverse needs of our clients. As we continue to innovate and expand our capabilities, we remain committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and services. Join us on this journey of excellence, where every EI lamination we produce is a reflection of our commitment to quality and innovation.


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